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From Rosario, the very core of Argentina’s Pampas, our team of professional interpreters streamlines communication so that your message, your product and your brand reach their destination as intended. Our proven performance in webinars and demanding virtual and hybrid events can ensure the international outreach you seek, through online simultaneous interpretation with your preferred platform (Zoom, Webex, Teams, Meet, GoToWebinar).
In AUSTRAL InterpretAR, we are aware that communication and bonds between cultures are key to professional and business success. We are committed to helping you overcome linguistic, cultural and geographical challenges and reach your goals. The outcome? More sales, wider audience, enhanced participant experience. Your goal, our achievement.


Translation means a message is conveyed from one language into another in writing. Interpretation means a message is conveyed from one language into another orally or by means of sign language.
With simultaneous interpreting, messages are conveyed in real time, that is, speakers and interpreters speak at the same time but through different technical channels. It is quick, dynamic, and avoids making events longer. Usually, it is the preferred option for workshops, conferences, webinars and meetings with large audiences.
With consecutive interpretation, interpreters take down notes and convey the message after speakers make a pause. This means events tend to be longer, since the message is conveyed first in the original language and then in the other language. It may be a good choice for meetings with few participants.
It refers to simultaneous interpretation through a virtual platform (such as Zoom), and allows you to host events beyond geographic boundaries and time zones. In short, global reach at your fingertips.
Definitely. The audio quality the interpreters receive should be better than the audio quality of an in-person conversation. Good audio input improves communication.
Simultaneous interpretation demands such a high level of concentration to listen to and convey messages at the same time that frequent relays are necessary to keep up interpreting quality. Simultaneous interpreting has been compared to a mental marathon.
Yes. Interpreters aim at conveying your presentation or message quickly and seamlessly. To achieve this, each topic and its specific vocabulary are thoroughly researched and studied.
Absolute. Granted. Both the reference material provided by clients as well as whatever is disclosed during
the interpretation is kept under strict confidentiality. We sign a non-disclosure agreement upon client’s
Sure. The members of AUSTRAL InterpretAR are certified freelance translators with solid expertise in translation.

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